Student Opportunities Network

The hub connecting students to their futures.

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The Student Opportunities Network has helped


secure work, internship, and volunteering positions!

What is the Student Opportunities Network?

The Student Opportunities Network is a database for high school and college students that lists available opportunities to work or gain experience with local businesses and organizations. The Network also provides a depth of student resources to help students navigate the college application process.

 The Network was created by Giuseppe Di Cera, who partnered with Mayor Nancy Spewak to create the student initiative.



Sarah Suffian

Gladys Manion Real Estate

It has been really cool getting to pursue my interest in social media marketing while also being on the inside of the real estate business. I am able to use my own creative instincts in the realm of my assignments which makes my work fun and exciting.

Sarah George

Knot Magic Muscle Therapy

I have not only learned how to effectively work under the business administration side of the medical field but also have nurtured my productive time management and interpersonal communication skills.

Melody Zhang

Ladue Education Foundation

The experience has been unique and good! Overall, I think because technology and computing are becoming more and more important, this LEF internship experience will be very valuable!