Josh Darrish

WashU Harris Institute of World Law

Working with the Student Opportunities Network has been an amazing and uplifting experience! Through the Harris Institute, I have connected with fellow students and professionals from a multitude of schools and backgrounds. This has certainly strengthened my bond with the St. Louis community!

Anna Reis

Jill Schupp for Congress

This experience has been super engaging and exciting! I've had the opportunity to talk directly to voters, design social media posts, and meet an incredible network of new people!

Lucy Yue


Organizing Aerovate has been a great learning and teaching experience. Helping students enhance their education despite the current situation has been a lot of fun, and I'm excited for Aerovate to grow even larger!

Sarah George

Knot Magic Muscle Therapy

I have not only learned how to effectively work under the business administration side of the medical field but also have nurtured my productive time management and interpersonal communication skills.

Erin Turkieltaub

Standardized Test Tutoring

ACT Tutoring with Hugh has been very beneficial. I have seen a significant increase in all test subjects and am very happy with the progress we have made.

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